Certified Professional Wedding Photographer


EmmaLee Rhoton

Hi! My name is EmmaLee, the giggly girl behind E.Lee photo!

I am based out of Salt Lake city, Utah and Houston, Texas. I am happily married to the most amazing and hardworking man, Brayden. He truly is my #1 supporter. I have a special love for dogs (More like obsession). I have 2 chocolate lab fur-babies, Nikki and Lucy. I am an immense food lover. I anticipate trying new foods all the time, I’m not saying I eat something different every night, there are definitely times when all I want is to go to one of my fave places to eat...especially In-N-Out.


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I have had a burning passion for photography since I can remember.(my mom has disposable camera images of my stuffed animals on the sidewalk to prove it). After countless desk jobs, nanny jobs and many more places that made my artistic soul sad, I decided it was time to finally chase my dreams. I quit my average customer service desk job and went full fledged into my own photography business. I became a professional certified photographer and graduated from Fotofly photography academy in 2016.

I have been doing wedding photography professionally for 4 years now and they have been some of the BEST years of my life.



Every love story is unique in its own special way, so your wedding pictures should not be the same as everyone else’s. wedding photos should be ageless, striking, and heart-warming. THAT IS WHAT i aim for in my photography. if you feel like you're A great fit and you want to spend some time taking some stunning pictures while falling deeper in love with your partner, click here.